Nephrotic syndrome is a kidney disorder.
Diabetes can also increase the problem of nephrotic syndrome.
Nephrotic syndrome is more common in children between the ages of 2 and 6.

Cause Of Nephrotic Syndrome – Nephrotic syndrome is a kidney problem. This is not a disease but a group of many symptoms which occur due to the inability of the kidney to function properly. This syndrome can occur at any age, but it is more common in children. When the kidney starts expelling excess amount of protein from the body along with urine, then the chances of getting nephrotic syndrome increases more. Kidney works to detoxify by removing the toxic substances present in the body. When the kidney is not able to work properly due to any reason, then there may be a problem of burning and swelling in the kidney. Diabetes can also increase the risk of this syndrome. Let us know what is nephrotic syndrome and its causes.

What is nephrotic syndrome
According to Web MD Nephrotic syndrome is a common problem which is seen more in children between 2 to 6 years of age. The kidney works to remove the toxins of the body to detoxify the body, but when the sieve holes present in the kidney become large then the kidney starts expelling protein along with urine. Nephrotic syndrome progresses due to lack of protein. Swelling and pain in the stomach, eye problems and cholesterol can increase due to lack of protein. Nephrotic syndrome starts affecting the eyes and skin along with the kidneys.

due to nephrotic syndrome
– Due to the increase of diabetes
– Kidney failure
– insufficiency of water
– Side effect of medicines
– genetic problem
Hepatitis B and C
– Inflammation of the kidney

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Symptoms of nephrotic syndrome
– weakness
– fatigue
– loss of appetite
– sudden weight gain
– Wounds and rashes on the skin
– foamy urine
– Having red or dark yellow urine
– Dryness in the skin
– increase in cholesterol

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trouble with nephrotic syndrome
– blood clot
– high blood pressure
– high cholesterol
– kidney failure
– kidney damage
– pneumonia
– meningitis

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