The problem of frozen shoulder is caused by tilting the shoulder to one side.
Sit up straight and say namaste by joining both the hands, the pain of frozen shoulder will be reduced.

Treatment for frozen shoulder: When stiffness is felt along with pain in the shoulder, it is called frozen shoulder. If someone has this problem, then it becomes very difficult to move the shoulder and shoulder. In the initial stages, the problem of frozen shoulder is not known much, but when this problem starts increasing, then it also starts to be realized. According to experts, this pain increases during the night. Apart from this, due to tilting the shoulder from one side, there can be a problem of frozen shoulder. With the help of exercises, it helps in reducing stiffness along with shoulder pain. By the way, many types of exercises can be taken to overcome the problem of frozen shoulder.

Do shoulder rotation
mayoclinic.com according to, Shoulder rotation improves the mobility of the shoulder. This removes the stress on the shoulders. To do this, sit down with the spine straight. Rotate both the shoulders from outside to inside. Then rotate from inside to outside. Do this about 8 to 10 times.

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do a noble twist
Neck twist can be very beneficial to remove the pain of frozen shoulder. Sitting straight, rotate the neck from left to right and then from right to left. This will give a lot of relaxation. Pay attention not to move the neck too fast.

hello hands up
Sit up straight and do Namaste with both hands folded. Lifting that namaste upwards and bring it back down. This will give a lot of relief to the shoulders.

keep these things in mind
Whenever you do frozen shoulder exercises, you must warm up your shoulders before that.
Take a hot bath for about 8 to 10 minutes every day.
On the day when there is more pain in the shoulder, avoid exercising on that day.
While working continuously while sitting, do exercise every two hours.

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When you work for hours sitting in one place, then there may be a problem of frozen shoulder. This problem is common. Instead of ignoring it, it can be treated through these exercises.

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