Overweight people may have a higher risk of diabetes.
To avoid diabetes, pay special attention to your diet.
If you feel any symptoms in the body, get it checked up immediately.

Type 2 Diabetes : Diabetes can be a dangerous and sometimes fatal disease. There are many types of it, but today we will learn about type 2 diabetes. Many times it happens that people are victims of diabetes, but they do not even know about it. Due to diabetes, your body stops producing insulin and if insulin is being made then your body is not able to use that insulin. This is simply called insulin resistance. The victims of type 2 diabetes are especially adults. Let us know what are the risk factors of type 2 diabetes, about which if you are aware in time, then you can avoid type 2 diabetes.

Risk factors of type 2 diabetes

  • According to WebMD.comIf you are gaining weight, then you may fall prey to it. Uncontrolled weight gain is an invitation to type 2 diabetes.
  • It also has a genetic background. If your ancestors were a victim of diabetes, then there is a possibility that you may also be a victim of type 2 diabetes.

  • If you have diabetes or diabetes during pregnancy then there is a possibility of developing type 2 diabetes in the future.
  • If you do not exercise regularly, then you can become a victim of type 2 diabetes.

Ways to prevent type 2 diabetes
First of all you need to change your lifestyle. Do yoga and exercise regularly and take special care of your diet.
Always be conscious about your weight, if your weight is increasing, then try to reduce it.
If you see any kind of symptoms, then first of all go to the doctor and get the blood test done. Take care of yourself on the basis of doctor’s advice.

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