Soy milk is a great alternative to milk.
Coconut milk can be easily extracted at home.
Use almond milk instead of milk in tea and coffee.

Healthy Non Dairy Products: To stay healthy, the advice of drinking milk every day is always received from doctors or elders of the house, because milk contains many nutrients which are very important to stay healthy. Calcium, minerals and vitamins are present in abundance in milk. Milk is a healthy and a complete diet which is very beneficial for everyone from children to elders. According to experts, it is necessary to include at least one glass of milk in the diet. Due to which the immunity of the body increases and it gives strength to fight against all serious diseases, but nowadays everyone wants to avoid fat by eliminating calories from their diet to stay fit. In such a situation, we have brought some healthy non dairy products for you.

To stay healthy, you can try these non-dairy products instead of milk:

Soya Milk:
according to health line Soy milk is made from soybean, soybean has half the amount of fat and carbohydrates as compared to milk and soy milk has the same amount of protein as milk. Soy milk made from soy protein isolate is a healthier alternative to milk.

Coconut Milk:
Coconut milk is delicious to drink and is exactly like milk in consistency. Coconut milk is considered to be the best option to use while dieting because it contains negligible carbohydrates and calories. Coconut milk is helpful in controlling the cholesterol level in the body by reducing fat.

Almond Milk:
Almond milk or almond milk can be the best and delicious option for making tea and coffee. Almond milk is very low in fat and carbohydrates as compared to milk and is one of the best non dairy products. Almond milk is a good source of vitamin E and antioxidants.

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