Basil leaves can be beneficial for skin and hair.
Tulsi is effective in getting rid of the problem of pimples.

Benefits of basil leaf: Tulsi is considered revered in our country. Tulsi is also being used in Ayurvedic form since ancient times. Known as an anti-oxidant and antibiotics, Tulsi is able to drive away everything from diabetes to heart disease. There are many types of Tulsi available in the markets, of which Rama, Shyama and Krishna Tulsi are the most popular. Tulsi plant will be easily found in every house of India. It is also being cultivated for several thousand years. Tulsi gives amazing benefits in any kind of problem related to hair and skin along with physical ailments.

First know the nutritional value of basil
according to stylecrase Tulsi contains 1.3 grams of protein,Calcium, iron and sodium are present along with carbohydrates. Tulsi, rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, is a boon for health. Vitamin A, C, E, K and B6 are present in abundance in basil.

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Tulsi benefits for skin

  • Tulsi helps in removing pimples.
  • Tulsi leaf face mask removes blemishes, blackheads.
  • Tulsi is also helpful in removing skin infections.
  • Tulsi also provides relief from ringworm or itching in the skin.
  • High pigmentation is also removed with the help of Tusli.

Get rid of these hair problems

  • Tulsi gives strength to the hair scalp
  • Tulsi gives relief from dandruff and itching
  • Relief from premature gray hair
  • Tulsi is effective in controlling hairfall
  • Basil leaves hair mask make hair thick and strong

use of basil in cooking
To prepare Tulsi tea, take basil leaves, honey, ginger, small cardamom. Put water in a vessel and boil all these things well. Sieve and serve with lemon juice. Consuming this tea two to three times in a day is beneficial for health.

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Tulsi has solution to many problems

  • Tulsi removes dangerous diseases of the heart
  • Relief from sore throat
  • Tulsi is helpful in getting out of stress and depression
  • Tulsi, rich in radioprotective properties, has cancer prevention
  • Tulsi leaves keep blood sugar under control
  • Tulsi can be helpful in weight loss

Know how to consume

  • Take tulsi leaves on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Tulsi leaves can be consumed by adding basil leaves to the food.
  • Never eat dry basil in food.

Know some side effects of Tulsi

  • Tulsi can be dangerous for breast feeding and pregnant women.
  • Tulsi extract can make bleeding difficult.
  • Potassium is high in basil, due to which people may have low blood pressure.
  • Tulsi has a wealth of properties related to health.
  • Its benefits are equal to its purity. Its regular consumption leaves every disease.

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