To keep the weight under control, about 10 thousand steps must be walked daily.
Brisk walking for 30 minutes per day burns more than 150 calories.

Walking Benefits for Weight Loss: People try many methods to lose weight. Some people follow a weight loss diet, while some eat only once in a day. At the same time, there are some who go to the gym for hours and work out, but do you know that you can lose weight even without doing intense workouts? Yes, even if you walk or walk for a while every day, you can still be successful in losing weight. Yes, for this it is very important to know what is the right way to walk, how long and how many steps should be walked every day. Let us know how walking is beneficial for reducing weight.

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How long should I walk to lose weight?
If you are gaining weight and due to busy work, you are not able to go to the gym and do workouts, then start walking daily in the morning or evening. myoclinic.org According to a report published in, walking can reduce weight provided you know the right technique. It also depends on how long and how intensely you walk, as well as diet plays a major role in weight loss. Along with physical activity, reducing calories from the diet helps in weight loss to a great extent. If you walk regularly, it burns calories. Walking is a very easy way to lose weight.

how long do you go
If you walk briskly for 30 minutes a day, then it can burn more than 150 calories. The more and more intense you walk, the more calories you will burn. However, walking or running should be done according to your physical ability, because doing more of anything can cause harm instead of benefit. It can also increase the risk of muscle pain, physical injury, burnout. If this is your first time starting out, walk at a lighter intensity and less at first. Gradually increase the speed, intensity and distance.

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Don’t quit walking when you lose weight
As soon as some people lose weight, they stop doing all physical activity, do not do this at all. Exercising becomes even more necessary after losing weight. Do not forget to take a healthy diet with walking, running or any kind of physical activity.

how many steps per day
If you want to keep your weight under control and reduce it quickly, then you must walk about 10 thousand steps daily. However, start with 2000 steps and then gradually increase the steps to 10 thousand per day. Also, include fresh green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, pulses, low-fat dairy products, lean proteins, healthy fats etc. in the diet. If you need any information related to losing weight, then definitely take expert opinion.

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