Toe Pose is Beneficial for Weight Loss and Lower Body Strength
Special care should be taken of body balance while doing toe pose.

Toe Stand Pose Benefits: Toe stand is a balancing yoga pose, which helps in making the whole body healthy. Generally this yoga is done to improve the body balance. This asana provides relief in joint pain, increases the flexibility of the feet and can also prove beneficial in reducing Thai fat. This is a perfect remedy to make the legs strong. Its regular practice gives mental and physical strength. Strengthens the lower body and also helps in stabilizing the mind. The abdominal muscles, lower back and endocrine system can also be strengthened with the help of toe pose. Let’s know the right way to do toe stand pose.

Correct way to do Toe Stand Pose
According to Very Well Fit.com First of all, keeping your body straight, stand on your straight leg. After that slowly move your left foot towards the right hip and while doing this, take long deep breaths so that your balance remains. Slowly bend the right leg while exhaling and go down and place your left ankle on your right thigh.

After reaching the squatting position, breathe in slowly. After this, lift your left heel off the ground, so that the whole body balance is on tow. While exhaling, note that in this position the body is in the center just above the heel. Watch while breathing, if there is a problem in the balance, then keep the fingers of the hands on the ground and then raise the hands one by one while making balance.

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Now while exhaling, fold both the hands in front of the chest in prayer position. Keeping balance in this position, take 5 deep long breaths, and then slowly come back to tree pose with full control. Breathe comfortably for a while and again repeat the whole process by changing legs. Toe pose is always done on an empty stomach in the morning. While doing this yoga posture, special attention needs to be paid to balance and breath. Avoid doing this yoga asana in knee, waist, neck, spine pain or any injury and blood pressure.

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