Instead of eating less, focus should be on calorie deficit.
To lose fat, you should exercise every day.

Weight Loss And Fat Loss: Often people talk about weight loss and fat loss. Both of these are helpful in slimming the body, but there is a big difference between them. Many people are also confused about weight loss and fat loss. To be slim, fat loss is more important than weight loss. A person looks slim when there is weight loss, but many physical problems may also have to be faced. Losing fat makes a person appear healthy and toned. To reduce weight, reducing fat is considered very important. Let us know what is the difference between fat loss and weight loss.

What is Weight Loss?
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Losing weight means reducing muscles, fat and water weight from the body. Muscles act as binding agents for the body, which are necessary to keep healthy. Crash diets and gluten-free diets reduce body weight, but there is also a loss of essential muscles, which are used to strengthen the body. As soon as you come to the normal diet, the body weight starts increasing again. Therefore, for a slim and toned body, fat loss should be the target, not weight loss.

What is Fat Loss?
Gaining muscles while not burning lean body mass is called fat loss. In this the stored fat of the body is burnt which is called fat. The best and easiest way to reduce fat is through calorie deficit and hard workouts. Everyone’s body fat is different, so different methods are adopted to reduce it. For a toned body, the extra body fat should be reduced and not the body weight.

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Do not make these mistakes in weight loss

  • Do not take crash diet or gluten free diet in the pursuit of weight loss
  • Follow the method of fat loss instead of weight loss
  • Don’t Skip Eating on the Weight Loss Journey
  • Avoid Over Exercising
  • Give time to new muscles to form after exercise

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