Amla is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.
Amla is a cheap and natural immunity booster.
Amla also takes care of hair growth and kidney.

Health Benefits of Amla Juice : Amla is a green, astringent and sour fruit which is used as a medicine. Amla is consumed by making churan, pickle, candy and jam. Raw amla or its juice is made to stay healthy. Along with being delicious, Amla is full of innumerable benefits. Amla juice is nutritious and beneficial for health in many ways, it is rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the digestive system of the body. Consumption of gooseberry juice is considered capable of increasing the immunity level in the body, which is necessary to avoid any kind of infection. Similarly, there are many other benefits of amla juice, let’s know,

Health Benefits of Amla Juice:

Increase immunity-
according to healthline Amla juice is rich in Vitamin C which acts as an anti-oxidant and each Amla contains 600 to 700 mg of Vitamin C which protects cells from oxidative effects and boosts immunity.

Beneficial for liver
Amla juice is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial for liver health and this juice works to reduce body weight as well as liver fat.

Improve digestion power
Amla has anti-diarrhoeal properties that are able to prevent stomach cramps, discomfort, muscle spasms, and the antioxidants present in amla juice heal stomach ulcers as well as improve digestion.

Helpful in hair growth
Vitamin C and antioxidant elements present in amla are helpful in hair growth and applying a serum made of amla, coconut water and selenium to the hair continuously for 90 days increases the density of the hair.

Keep kidney healthy
The nutrients present in amla juice take care of kidney health and amla extract prevents the dysfunctional activity of kidney by preventing oxidative stress.

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