The biggest reason for a long and healthy life is physical activity.
Walking 30 minutes every day reduces the risk of many diseases.

Women and Physical Activity: Till now you must have heard many times that the age of women is more than that of men. Some people may consider it a rumor but it is true. According to the CDC, the life expectancy of men in the US is 74.5 years, while the life expectancy of women is 80.2 years. Talking about India, here too the life expectancy of women is more than that of men. Now a new study has come out about this, in which it has been told that due to which the age of women is more. You will be completely surprised to know the things that have come out in this research. Know about this in detail.

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Research revealed this
According to Medical News Today Physical activity is the biggest reason for the longevity of women. Women who remain physically active, their life expectancy is a few years more than others. The University of California, San Diego and many institutions had studied about this for many years. It has been found that light, medium and high intensity physical activity reduces the risk of death in women under 60 years of age. Women who remain physically active can live a long life. Apart from this, women who stay away from physical activity are at higher risk of death.

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Know these important things
Earlier it was believed that the reason for the longevity of women could be their genes, but it is not so. The researchers of the study say that physical activity affects women with all genes. More physical activity lowers the risk of death, whereas a lifestyle without physical activity can lead to many serious diseases. Even small exercises or movements are better for health. Physical activity is essential for people of all ages. People can do exercise physical activity according to their ability.

Physical activity prevents diseases
Researchers say that elderly women should remain physically active so that diseases can be prevented. Morning walk every day strengthens your immunity and reduces the risk of heart disease. Walking every day is also enough. Walking for about 30 minutes every day reduces the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Apart from this, it also gets rid of the problems of blood pressure, obesity and mental health. If you are suffering from any serious disease, then you should definitely consult a doctor before doing this.

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