New Delhi. Supertech Twin Towers finally collapsed today. However, after the fall of these towers, the dust, soil and gases emanating from them can be a big threat to the health of the people around. This is the reason why the next 24 to 48 hours are challenging for the health of the people living around the Twin Tower site. In such a situation, health experts are constantly appealing to the people to take precautions. At the same time, if any symptoms appear, they are asking to seek the advice of health experts immediately.

based in delhi Safdarjung Hospital Professor of Respiratory Department of Dr. Neeraj Gupta says It is said that these buildings have been blown up by explosion, so there are two types of pollutants present in it. The first is the carbon particles or gases produced by the burning of gunpowder, and the second is the dust particles produced by the collapse of building materials, ie cement-sand etc., are dust particles. Since gunpowder burns, very little remains of it, but the dust and particulate matter generated by the material used in the construction are more dangerous. During this, the dust that has been created from the cement, the mushroom cloud that has been made has gone for kilometers. Due to this, it will have a serious effect on the bodies not only living around there but wherever this dust goes to far and wide.

Dr. Gupta says that as soon as this dust and PM 2.5 will go inside the lungs through the breath and it is exposed in the body, then there can be a lot of health problems. It will affect the ears, nose, eyes, throat, skin, hair, lungs, breath everywhere. Those who already have respiratory disease, they can have asthmatic attack, there is a lot of dust storm around Diwali, that has a lot of effect. Whereas, a huge amount of dust has been created here. In a way, the dust has become a mushroom cloud. Since cement and sand contain silica particles, they are irritants and they can cause itching in the eyes, ears, nose and throat.

These can be problems
, Respiratory problems such as shortness of breath, suffocation, shortness of breath
, asthma
, bronchitis
, Itching and burning in the skin, ears, nose, eyes
.If asthmatic then asthma attack can come
, respiratory tract inflammation
, lung trouble

If you see these symptoms then contact the doctor
, Difficulty in breathing and oxygen level below 92.
, Chest pain
, nervousness, dizziness, increased heartbeat
, red eyes
, skin rash
, high or low blood sugar
, Sudden labor pain in pregnant women
, severe headache or migraine

Follow these important measures to prevent
, Keep the mask on. Especially people living in nearby societies, keep wearing masks continuously for at least a week. Due to this the dust particles will not go inside the lungs.
, Put glasses on your eyes.
, If you are passing through that area, keep the glass closed.
, Keep the windows of the houses closed. Keep an air filter installed in the house.
, Eat nutritious food, drink more water.

At the same time, decisions were taken by the administration regarding the Noida Supertech Twin Tower Demolition. Felix Hospital Of MD Dr. DK Gupta It is said that the dust that has risen after the collapse of the Twin Towers can cause serious health problems. In such a situation, people need to pay a lot of attention and protect them from this dust and soil. Especially respiratory patients have to take care of their health. Try to stay far away from the demolition site. Even if they come to this side, keep wearing a mask. If asthma patients have any cough or breathing problem, then they can contact the helpline number of the hospital. 783599777 can call on. An advisory has also been issued in this regard by Felix Hospital.

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