Carbohydrate and protein-rich food should be consumed within 2 hours of exercise.
During exercise, you should drink 473 ml to 710 ml of water.

Best Foods for Fitness: In the present time, the dream of youth is to build a tremendous body. For this, a large number of people sweat in the gym for hours. Do you know that if the diet is good along with the workout, then you can get great results in less time. Most people join the gym, but they do not have the right idea about their diet. Today we will tell you which foods you should include in your diet before workout and after workout, so that your muscles will be strong and the body will get the necessary nutrients.

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Must have breakfast before workout

MyoClinic’s report According to this, if you go to the gym early in the morning, then you must have a healthy breakfast at least 1 hour before the workout. You can include whole grains, bread, milk, juice, banana or yogurt in your breakfast. It has also been revealed in many studies that consuming carbohydrate-rich substances before workout proves to be beneficial. Even if you are going to the gym in the evening, you can still eat healthy things a few hours before. You can eat more food 3-4 hours before exercise. If time is short then you can take snacks.

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Follow these tips during exercise

Some people are unable to eat before exercise, so they can also take snacks during exercise. Banana, apple, peanut butter sandwich, sports drink or diluted juice can be taken in between during exercise. Try to eat something healthy before the workout so that it is not needed. However, to hydrate yourself, you can take water, juice or energy drinks. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, during exercise, you should drink 473 ml to 710 ml of water little by little.

Eat these foods after workout

After working out, our muscles come into recovery mode. In such a situation, carbohydrate and protein-rich food should be consumed within 2 hours of exercise. For this, you can include yogurt, fruits, peanut butter sandwich, chocolate milk, post workout recovery smoothie, bread and vegetables in your diet. If you eat eggs and chicken, then you can include eggs and chicken in the diet.

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