The digital world has started affecting daily life.
Leaving old relationships can be a big reason for loneliness.

Teenagers Mental Health Tips: Everyone wants to have such a friend, brother, sister or family member in his life, with whom he can share his every happiness and every problem. Because, loneliness is such an emotional state, which can not only be the cause of your unhappiness, but can also lead to a state of depression. One reason for this can be being alone and not having friends and family together. According to a report by The National Sample Survey Office, about 4.91 million people in India are living alone and suffering from loneliness. According to this report, loneliness is especially high among young adults.

Hindustan Times According to reports, the ability of children and young people to socialize and interact with their friends, both indoors and outdoors, determines whether they are feeling lonely or not.

So let us tell you about the 7 reasons for feeling lonely-

People make friends according to the environment around them. School-college or office, maximum people make friends through these mediums. At the same time, while making friends outside, you get into thinking that how to make friends apart from these mediums. This can be the reason for your loneliness.

Digital world has started affecting daily life. You get so lost in the digital world that you are forgetting to talk to friends and family while sitting face to face, which can be a big reason for loneliness.
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The pressure to meet social expectations can also push you towards loneliness. Comparing yourself to people also starts isolating you from your true self.

The more young adults move towards their pursuit, the more they realize that the people around them cannot meet their real needs. But, leaving old relationships can be a reason for loneliness. Being dependent on others to overcome your loneliness can also be a reason for loneliness.

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Psychological conflicts and mental illness can also make you emotionally vulnerable and you start feeling isolated from people. Thinking that if you share your mental illness with someone, they will consider you weak, you hide your problems and show a ‘fake’ version of yourself to others.

Getting up and sitting with people with different salaries, having fun with them sometimes forces you to think about your financial situation. Due to which you start cutting off from the people around you. By adopting your financial situation, you can avoid the crisis of loneliness.

Many people are mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted due to ‘appearances’. Because of this, you do not give much thought to connecting with yourself. Lack of authenticity and the desire to be alone due to exhaustion can also push you towards loneliness.

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