Numbness of fingers also occurs due to diabetes.
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common disorder that is treatable.

Numbness In Fingers: Burning, tingling or numbness in the hands and fingers is not normal. These can be symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This disease is also known as occupational hazard. This syndrome can also be due to a side effect of a medicine. Carpal tunnel problem mostly bothers at night. People with vitamin B6 deficiency, arthritis, pregnant women, labor and people who consume more alcohol are at the highest risk of this syndrome. It is sometimes difficult to understand the symptoms of this syndrome, due to which this problem becomes dangerous. Let us know what is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and what can be its causes.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common problem. In this problem, fingers numbness, tingling, wrist pain and weakness have to be faced. The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway that passes through the middle of the wrist. There is a nerve in the middle of it which makes the feelings felt in the thumb and fingers. When there is any kind of pressure on the hands, then the problem of carpal tunnel starts. This problem is more for people who work for long hours on laptops. Sometimes the pressure in the hands increases so much that even surgery has to be done.

People who have diabetes may have the problem of carpal tunnel syndrome. When the sugar level in the body becomes high, then there is a problem of tingling and numbness in the hands. In diabetes, there may be a problem of burning, weakness and pain in the hands and feet.

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excessive alcohol consumption
Consumption of alcohol causes many nerve damages in the body, due to which the fingers can become numb. Excessive consumption of alcohol also has a bad effect on brain cells, which can also lead to brain tumors in the future.

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In arthritis, there is swelling in the joints and the body. Due to swelling, there is pressure on many nerves of hands and feet. This pressure promotes numbness and pain. In arthritis, the body movement is also greatly reduced, due to which the blood circulation in the body starts decreasing. Numbness is felt in the hands and feet due to lack of proper blood in the cells.

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