Menopause can cause sudden night sweats.
Sweating can cause heart failure.

Cause of excessive sweating When we do some hard work, or it gets hot, then in such a situation sweating happens. It is common for sweat to come in this way. But there are many people who start sweating in any season. On the other hand, if sweat comes suddenly, then it should not be ignored at all. Because ignoring sudden sweating can be dangerous. According to experts, it is considered a symptom of heart disease. But if you take precautions on this side, then this big and deadly danger can also be avoided. If you also sweat suddenly or suddenly, then be alert. Let us know what other reasons can be due to sudden sweating.

Sudden sweating heart attack symptom
web md According to this, if you suddenly start sweating more than usual, then it can be a symptom of heart attack. If you are not exercising or the heat is not getting much and still you are sweating, then it can be very dangerous.

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Women get more night sweats
Most of the women sweat the most during the night. This can lead to sudden night sweats due to menopause. In addition to feeling hot, sweating can cause heart failure.

May be at risk of dementia
Many people suddenly start sweating because of their medical condition. This increases the risk of dementia. Some patients are five times more at risk of dementia.

Hyperhidrosis is also a cause
cleveland clinic.org According to this, sometimes excessive sweating becomes a cause of danger. In many cases, people suffering from hyperhidrosis have more of this problem. If you also have a complaint of sudden sweating, then it may be prudent to consult a doctor.

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