Type 4 diabetes is a disease occurring in older people.
The symptoms of this diabetes are similar to other types of diabetes.

What is Type 4 Diabetes: Diabetes has become the biggest health problem in today’s era. From small children to the elderly, they are struggling with this problem. Diabetes badly affects all parts of the body. Due to this, many other problems including heart disease, mental problems also occur. There are many types of diabetes. Most people are vulnerable to type 2 and type 1 diabetes. Some people are affected by type 3 and type 4 diabetes. Do you know about type 4 diabetes? Today we will tell you what age people are affected by this diabetes and what is the reason for it.

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What is type 4 diabetes?
healthline report According to it, type 4 diabetes is a disease caused by insulin resistance in older people. This disease occurs in older people, who do not have much weight and they are thin. Obesity is considered a major factor behind type 2 diabetes, but it is not so in type 4. Scientists are currently trying to find out the exact reasons for this. Experts believe that this disease can also be due to increasing age. A 2015 study revealed that type 4 diabetes can also be caused by an overproduction of immune cells. This study was done on rats.

Symptoms of type 4 diabetes
The symptoms of type 4 diabetes are similar to those of other types of diabetes. However, it occurs in people who are underweight, so it becomes a bit difficult to predict. There are also some of its symptoms, which look like other diseases, so the exact diagnosis can be known only after the test. Let’s take a look at some of its main features-

  • extreme tiredness
  • excessive hunger and thirst
  • blurred vision
  • wound healing
  • frequent urination
  • sudden weight loss

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What is the treatment of this disease?
So far no exact treatment for type 4 diabetes has been found. Researchers hope that they will be able to develop an antibody drug. It can help reduce the number of regulatory T-cells in the body and treat type 4 diabetes. Until this drug is developed, doctors are treating it with drugs for type 2 diabetes.

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