Excess consumption of non-veg can cause increase in uric acid.
Prolonged increase in uric acid can become a cause of dangerous disease.

Tips to Control Uric Acid: To stay healthy, the level of uric acid in the blood should be controlled. When it becomes more than normal, then people are at increased risk of many diseases including knee pain, kidney stones. Ignoring this problem for a long time can be quite dangerous. Many people do not have the right information about uric acid and because of this their condition becomes serious. Today we will know from experts what are the health hazards due to increased uric acid. What is the reason for its increase and how to control it.

What do experts say?
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi Senior Consultant Dr. Amarendra Pathak According to this, uric acid is a waste product found in our blood. It is made in our liver and dissolves in the blood and reaches the kidneys. Then it goes out of the body through urine. Uric acid level in men is considered normal from 4 to 6.5, while in women its level ranges from 3.5 to 6. When uric acid builds up in our body or is unable to get out of the body, it gets deposited in various organs. Increasing its level causes problems to people.

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Why does uric acid level increase?
According to Dr. Amarendra Pathak, when the enzyme that produces uric acid in our body becomes defective and its production starts increasing. The level of uric acid gets disturbed even when there is a problem in the functioning of the liver and kidney. Apart from this, excessive consumption of non-veg things can cause the increase of uric acid. If you start the treatment of uric acid in the initial stage, then it can be easily controlled.

can be the cause of serious diseases
Experts say that if the level of uric acid becomes too high, it can lead to conditions like kidney failure, kidney stones and increased blood pressure. Increased uric acid also increases the pressure on the heart and in some cases can lead to heart disease. However, no connection of uric acid with diabetes has been revealed. Gouts are usually caused due to the increase in uric acid. There is severe pain in the joint of our hands and toes. It is known by conducting health checkups from time to time.

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How can you control?
Dr. Amarendra Pathak advises people suffering from the problem of uric acid to stay away from non-veg. Eating non-veg increases the level of uric acid. By avoiding it, you can control uric acid. Excessive consumption of pulses can also be harmful. Therefore, eat lentils only in certain quantities. Apart from this, taking a healthy diet and controlling weight can also be beneficial. People with more problems should consult a doctor. Uric acid is controlled through medicines.

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