Special care should be taken regarding food and drink during this season.
Drinking filtered water can help avoid infection.

Pregnant Women Care Tips: In the rainy season, the havoc of diseases like viral infection or flu increases. Everyone should take precautions to stay healthy in this season. Especially pregnant women need special care in monsoon. If you are pregnant, then you can enjoy the monsoon by taking special care of some important things related to pregnancy. The risk of infection is higher during monsoon as compared to other seasons. At the same time, dengue and malaria also spread rapidly. In such a situation, falling ill during pregnancy can also have a direct effect on the health of the child. That’s why we are going to tell you some special tips to take care of pregnant women in monsoon, by following which you can stay healthy.

drink filtered water
During the rainy season, there is a fear of spreading diseases even through water. In such a situation, by drinking unfiltered water, you can also become a victim of bacterial infection. Therefore, it is better to drink filtered water instead of plain water during pregnancy. Apart from this, you can also drink boiled water.

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Avoid street food
Eating street food can prove to be harmful for pregnant women during the rainy season. This can also worsen your health. Therefore, in the rainy season, eat only the things of the house and avoid outside things. Prefer eating healthy things.

wash hands frequently
Insects coming out in the rain contaminate most things. Touching them also puts you at risk of infection. In such a situation, keep cleaning hands and feet frequently during pregnancy. Also, do not forget to wash your hands before eating anything.

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keep the house clean
During pregnancy, it becomes necessary to pay special attention to the cleanliness of the house. Try to keep every corner of the house clean especially during monsoon. At the same time, shine the toilet and bathroom of the house well and do not allow dirty water to accumulate around the house.

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