Playing tennis for 30 minutes can burn 220 to 295 calories.
Playing tennis for 60 to 90 minutes every day is considered beneficial.

Tennis Health Benefits: In today’s era, controlling their weight has become a difficult task for most of the people. A large number of people are suffering from the problem of overweight or obesity. During the Corona epidemic, people have become aware of their health and they are trying new ways to stay fit. Weight loss has also become a new trend these days. Many people go to the gym and sweat a lot to lose weight. Some people control their diet by taking tips from the dietician. If you are told that playing tennis for a few minutes every day can reduce weight, can you believe it? You must be shocked to hear but it is true. Know about this in detail.

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Tennis is so effective in reducing weight
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According to this, playing tennis is considered a high intensity cardio workout. Playing tennis for a few minutes increases the heart rate and burns a large amount of calories. Generally, cardiovascular exercises are low, moderate and high intensity. Playing tennis for about 30 minutes can burn 220 to 295 calories. If you play longer than this, then its quantity can be up to 400. When your calories are burned fast, the fat will also decrease rapidly. A tennis match is of about 3 hours, in which players burn 660 to 1320 calories. Playing tennis for 60 to 90 minutes every day is considered beneficial for better fitness.

Health has many benefits
Playing tennis not only helps in reducing weight but also has many other health benefits. Playing tennis improves muscular strength, balance and coordination. It is very beneficial for the heart. While playing tennis, you interact with people and many positive changes take place in your social life. The special thing is that people of any age can play tennis. Those who are suffering from heart disease or other serious diseases, they must consult a doctor before playing tennis. For heart patients, tennis should not be played without the advice of a cardiologist.

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