The body and face become dull due to hemiplegic migraine.
Its main symptoms are loss of memory and weakness on one side of the body.
Hemiplegic migraine can cause paralysis in one half of the body.

Hemiplegic Migraine: Most of the people nowadays are troubled by the disease of migraine. There are many types of migraine, one of them being hemiplegic migraine. This rare migraine is prone to weakness and paralysis on one side of the body. If there are 15-20 people suffering from simple migraine, then the number of people suffering from hemiplegic migraine is only one among these people, because it is not a simple migraine but a rare and dangerous hemiplegic migraine, due to which people suffering from tension, tension and stress. Many types of problems can be faced, as well as weakness in the body, tingling, numbness of the body and severe headache are very common symptoms. Therefore it becomes very important to get rid of it as soon as possible, there are many symptoms that can be seen in people suffering from hemiplegic migraine, let us know-

Symptoms of Hemiplegic Migraine:

Unilateral weakness in the body
according to health line Weakness and fatigue can be seen in one side of the body including the face, arms, legs, in people suffering from hemiplegic migraine.

Tingling in parts of face
People suffering from this problem have tingling in selected parts of the face and body parts and sometimes some parts of the body become numb.

dizzy –

In this condition, the sufferer feels dizzy from time to time and nervousness increases in the mind. These can also be due to weakness in the body and indicate hemiplegic migraine, so be sure to pay attention to this.

Memory problem-
Along with fatigue in the body, it is natural to have an effect on the memory of the brain in this condition, so if your ability to think and remember is decreasing then these can also be symptoms of hemiplegic migraine.

Confusion –
When this disease occurs, along with causing headache and nervousness in the brain, there is a feeling of confusion in doing any work and there is trouble in taking decisions even in any normal condition, then these can also be symptoms of hemiplegic migraine. .

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