At the time of fever, the stamina of the body becomes week.
When fever comes, the body needs rest.
Fever weakens the body’s immune system.

Exercise During Fever Can Harmful: Along with keeping the body fit, regular exercise also strengthens the immune system. People who do regular exercise, they get sick less than others. The body gets so used to the exercise that many people cannot live even a day without exercise. Exercising in normal days is beneficial for health, but if there is fever or weakness, exercise can increase body pain, stress and anxiety. The body is weak at the time of fever, due to which the risk of injury also increases. Health experts or gym trainers also recommend rest during fever. Let us know how exercise done at the time of fever can harm the body.

immunity is week
The immunity of the body is quite weak when there is fever or weakness. According to Medical News Today Due to fever, the body’s immune system becomes very weak, due to which the body does not have the stamina to exercise. Forced exercise during fever can damage the muscles. People who have a habit of exercising can take the help of yoga.

body temperature may increase
When there is a fever, the body starts increasing the inner temperature to fight the infection, due to which the body temperature becomes high. In such a situation, if exercise is done, then the body temperature can increase. Many times, due to high temperature, fever settles in the brain and brain related problems can occur.

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fear of getting hurt
Due to weakness and fever, the body becomes quite week. In such a situation, hard core exercise can completely eliminate the remaining stamina in the body, which can be dangerous for the body. This can cause dizziness, vomiting, abdominal pain and fainting.

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These exercises should be avoided
– Strength training with heavy weights
– hot yoga
– spine classes
– Pilates
– running

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