If there is a deficiency of thyroid, then mental problems like irritability, tension, restlessness also arise.
Thyroid deficiency often results in fatigue and abnormal weight gain

Hypothyroidism: Thyroid is an important hormone in our body, due to which we are able to do many types of physical activities. Thyroid hormone is essential for heart beat, digestive system and brain function. It also controls the energy in the body. Thyroid hormone deficiency is usually more in people above 60 years of age, but due to many reasons, there can be thyroid deficiency in younger people too. If there is a deficiency of thyroid, then mental problems like irritability, stress, restlessness also arise. Generally people understand that it is not a disease but it affects the quality of life of the person. So let’s know what are the symptoms of thyroid deficiency.

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Symptoms of Thyroid Deficiency
healthline According to the news of Thyroid deficiency, fatigue often occurs and weight increases in an unusual way. However, it has different symptoms in different people. Weight gain in young people is considered the first symptom of thyroid deficiency. Apart from this, many types of mental problems start happening. Due to its deficiency, people often start living depressed. He is always feeling restless. There is a problem in remembering something. Apart from this, problems like dry skin, constipation, sweating, reduced heart rate, increased blood cholesterol, dry and thin hair, muscle weakness, bone stiffness, joint pain etc.

how to increase thyroid
However, there can be many reasons for low thyroid hormone. But if there is a deficiency of thyroid hormone at an early age, then iodine deficiency is considered responsible for this. For this, increase the intake of iodine-rich things a little. However, consuming more than 5 grams of iodine can cause harm. Apart from this, iodine levels can also be increased by some seafood and eggs. Despite this, if there is no thyroid control, then doctors cure this disease by giving some medicines or with radioactive iodine treatment. Meditation should be done to avoid mental problems in thyroid. Deep breathing exercise is beneficial for this.

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