Drinking beer in moderation reduces the risk of heart disease.
Drinking too much beer increases the risk of liver diseases.

Beer Health Effects: People around the world have been drinking beer for thousands of years. Beer is a popular alcoholic drink. Most beer contains 4-6% alcohol. However, the amount of alcohol in many beers can be more than this. So far, it has been revealed in the study that drinking beer in small quantities can have many health benefits. If you consume too much of it, then it can prove to be very dangerous for the body. Today i.e. on 5th August ‘International Beer Day’ is being celebrated. This day is celebrated to sit with friends and have a beer. Today, on this special occasion, we will tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of drinking beer.

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Know the benefits of beer
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According to reports, a 355-milligram can of beer contains 153 calories. It also contains some minerals and vitamins. Beer is made from cereals and yeast. Some research has revealed that drinking beer in small amounts reduces the risk of heart disease. It contains alcohol which helps in controlling the blood sugar level to some extent. Drinking beer can prove beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. It reduces insulin resistance and beer reduces the risk of diabetes in people. Drinking beer in moderation strengthens the bones of men and women and reduces the risk of dementia. However, excessive consumption of alcohol can also increase the risk of dementia.

Too much beer can cause serious damage

  • Beer contains alcohol, the consumption of which increases the risk of early death in people.
  • By drinking beer repeatedly, you can become addicted to it, which is dangerous for health.
  • The risk of depression in people who drink beer is many times higher than in people who drink beer.
  • Research has shown that drinking more beer increases the risk of liver diseases like cirrhosis.
  • There are 153 calories in a can of beer. If you consume it daily then your weight will increase.
  • Drinking alcoholic drinks increases the risk of many types of cancer, including throat and oral cancer.

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