Avoid eating bread in high blood pressure
Eat only fresh and simple food in high blood pressure
Too much sugar can increase the problem of high BP.

High blood pressure is a common problem nowadays, which has a bad effect on the heart and blood vessels and the person has to face problems related to it. The problem of high blood pressure can happen to a person of any age. Some lifestyle mistakes like bad living habits and eating habits can make you vulnerable to this disease. The problem of high blood pressure can cause many other diseases related to obesity, heart, blood and kidney in a person’s body, so it is important that steps should be taken to prevent it in time. To get rid of the problem of blood pressure, you can improve some daily habits and include good nutrients. For high blood pressure patients, it is important to pay special attention to food. Let us know which food items should be avoided in high BP.

Do not eat these foods if you have high blood pressure
Sugary food and drinks
According to Medical News Today.com Caffeine present in sugary foods like ice cream, chocolates, cakes, peanut butter, soft drinks and coffee is a cause of high BP and these items increase the weight which can increase the risk of high blood pressure.

Salty food –
Salt is important for health, but more salty foods such as pizza, sandwiches, meat, beef, packaged or processed foods are rich in sodium and sodium increases blood pressure, so avoid salty foods.

Saturated Fats –
A person should take only 5-6% of their total calories in a day from saturated fat, more than this fat can increase both heart rate and weight which also causes high BP. Toffee, burger, kebab, chicken, white bread, full fat milk, butter etc. are all sources of saturated fat.
Instead of all these food items, you can choose better alternatives, such as whole grains, fruits, nuts, fish, vegetables and pulses. Along with getting rid of high BP and its related problems, they also have many health benefits.

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