Children’s skin is very sensitive, which should be taken care of.
The cream can be applied on the skin of young children after consulting a doctor.

Parenting Tips: The rainy season is going on and there can be many types of problems like fungal infections or skin allergies in this season. Although everyone needs special attention on hygiene or cleanliness in this season, but small children have to take special care. Children are very delicate and a little carelessness can lead to allergies or skin infections. Babies are dependent on mother’s milk for some years, so mother’s diet can also affect the health of children, sometimes due to wrong diet, children may have acne or small pimples on their face and scabs on children’s head. A layer like this can also emerge.

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Baby acne symptoms and treatment
Baby acne is a temporary skin condition that can occur on the baby’s face or skin. There may be small red pimples or small pimples of white color. according to healthline Usually baby acne gets better on its own. On some occasions consult a doctor, he can prescribe a cream from which acne can be removed. Do not use OTC acne treatments, children have very sensitive skin. In general, keep the child clean and clean, do not rub anything on the face, do not apply any lotion.

Identifying and Treating Cradle Cap
Cradle cap or scabs on your baby’s head is not a major problem. It occurs in the form of rashes on the head of children. Since the skin of children is very sensitive, such problems are seen. According to WebMDAs a treatment, wash your children’s head thoroughly, use mild shampoo or consult a doctor. After this, swirl the soft baby brush on the baby’s scalp. After this use baby oil according to the advice of the doctor. In some circumstances, after this the doctor may possibly recommend applying the cream but this is not necessary.

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