Hair becomes straight due to hair rebonding.
Sulfate free shampoo essential for straight hair.
Conditioner can be used to keep the hair safe.

Take Care Of Rebonded Hair- Hair rebonding is very much in trend these days. Whether the hair is short or big rebonding, the hair can be given a straight and shiny look. Hair rebonding is a chemical treatment that helps in straightening the hair. The effect of rebonding can be seen in the hair for 6 to 8 months. After rebonding, the hair becomes very attractive in appearance, but due to the chemical, there is also a fear of damage to them. After hair rebonding, it is very important to take proper care of the hair. Otherwise, there is a risk of having hair related problems. Rebonding can also dry or damage the hair. Sometimes the problem of hair fall also starts. Let us know how to take care of hair after rebonding.

what is hair rebonding
Hair rebonding is a chemical treatment that works to straighten the hair. According to wikiHow.com Hair rebonding is the process of straightening curly hair in which a variety of chemicals and techniques are used. Sleek straight hair looks very attractive but it is very important to take proper care of them. In hair rebonding, the natural bonds of the hair are broken by chemical and heat pressing and new bonds are added to it for straight hair. Due to the new bond, the hair remains straight for a long time. This process takes about 4 to 5 hours. Protein is also given to the hair by chemical, due to which the shine remains intact in the hair.

Always use sulfate free shampoo
Sulfate free shampoos can help maintain moisture and softness in the hair. Sulfate-rich shampoos can make hair lifeless and dry. Sulfate takes away the natural oil of the hair and the hair starts breaking more. Apart from this, vitamin and keratin shampoos can also be used. These shampoos are specially made for hair rebonding.

use conditioner
Using conditioner provides extra moisture and protection to the hair. It improves the shine and quality of hair. Using conditioner makes the hair less tangled, due to which there is less breakage. Instant conditioner can be used immediately after shampoo. A hair mask like a deep conditioner can be used for straight hair. This can be done once a week.

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using a wide tooth brush
A wide tooth brush should be used to avoid hair breakage. Rebonding hair is very delicate, brushing too fast can break the hair. A fine-toothed brush can also damage the scalp. Apart from this, combing wet hair should also be avoided. This can cause hair breakage.

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Remove dryness with eggs and honey
After hair rebonding, do not use any kind of chemical, bleach and dye in the hair. Due to this the extra protein and fiber of the hair gets damaged. The hair should be oiled once a week to encourage hair growth. Egg and honey mask can be used to make hair soft. Wash it off after applying it for some time. This will make the hair more shiny.

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