According to astrology, the Moon can have an effect on the nature.
There can be a problem of less sleep when there is a full moon.

Moon Effects On Human: On full moon day the moon is visible in its full size. This full moon moon is considered important from the religious and scientific point of view. Usually we think that the moon will not have any significant effect on our life, but it is an astronomical fact that the moon has a huge impact on many important things on the earth. For example, the Moon produces tidal ebb in the ocean. affects the life cycle and behavior of many different animals and if the Moon’s gravitational force is powerful enough to affect the ocean and the Earth’s surface, it would be easy to assume that it could also affect the human body. Is.

How does the full moon moon change health and mood?

Full moon moon can make you more carefree
bustle.com If you feel that you get angry on the full moon day, then it cannot be just your imagination. Although they do not claim that the moon causes crime or insanity, reports have shown violent cases such as assault, murder, suicide, road accidents and psychopathy. The results showed that all types of crime occurred in the days surrounding the fullmoon.

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you can feel motivated
As the moon moves towards the full moon, your energy and motivation also increase. As the moon increases in size. You start feeling new. Pay attention to your energy during the two-week period between new moon and full moon and see what changes are visible.

There may be lack of sleep on a full moon day
published in Current Biology, People who took part in a 2013 study may have experienced much less sleep during the full moon than previously thought. Lack of restful sleep can also affect a person’s mood and health. Mood can also be affected by less sleep. Due to our sleep, not only our mood but also our health can be affected.

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