In the rainy season, people should eat only fresh and home-cooked food.
To strengthen immunity, include ginger, garlic and lemon in the diet.

Monsoon Diet Tips: The rainy season is going on. In this season, people have to make a lot of effort to keep themselves healthy. From lifestyle to food and drink, there is a need to take care of it. According to experts, food kept for a long time should not be eaten during the rainy season. This can worsen your health and you can become a victim of trouble. Get to know the answers to all the questions about this from the dietician.

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What is Dietitian’s advice?
Kamini Sinha, former dietician of Medanta It is said that in the rainy season, one should avoid eating food kept for more than 3 hours. There are some such things, which spoil quickly in this season and eating them can cause many diseases including stomach infection. In the rainy season, people should eat only fresh and home-cooked food. While preparing food, utmost care should be taken of cleanliness and fruits and vegetables should be used only after washing them thoroughly. You can clean vegetables by adding salt to hot water.

Such fruits should be consumed
According to Kamini Sinha, there is a need to be careful while eating fruits in the rain. Try not to buy cut fruits. Fruits that can be eaten after peeling should be consumed. Apart from this, drinking fresh juice instead of packaged juice is beneficial for health. According to the dietician, distance should also be taken from street food in the rainy season, because it is not considered very good in terms of hygiene.

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How to strengthen immunity
According to dieticians, during the rainy season, people’s immune system becomes weak and if we strengthen it, then the risk of diseases is reduced to a great extent. To strengthen immunity, you have to include ginger, garlic and lemon in your diet. Along with this, a healthy diet has to be taken. Cleanliness will have to be taken care of and outside food will have to be avoided. If all these things are taken care of, then immunity can be improved.

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