When you go to sleep, rinse with salt water.
Cleaning the tongue with turmeric is beneficial.
Tongue can be cleaned with curd.

Tongue cleaning for stomach health To clean the mouth properly, cleaning the teeth is not enough. There are many people who associate the cleaning of the mouth with the cleaning of the teeth. which is wrong. The most important and important part inside the mouth is the tongue. Which most people do not pay attention to. south new dentistry charlotte.com According to this, if proper attention is not given to the cleanliness of the tongue, then many types of bacteria can go into our stomach, which can make us sick. Apart from this, the bad breath that comes in the breath is also due to the dirt accumulated in the tongue somewhere. Therefore it is necessary to clean the tongue everyday. These special tips for cleaning the tongue can be useful for you, let us know.

salt will work
indian express.com According to this, salt works in a natural way for cleaning the tongue. Whenever you go to sleep, make sure to gargle with salt water before going to sleep. Apart from this, a little salt can also be scrubbed by putting it on the tongue.

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beneficial aloe vera
Aloe vera has countless benefits for skin to hair. Aloe vera can be used if the tongue is dirty or if it has black spots.

Turmeric Cleansing Well
Turmeric is a treasure trove of properties. Along with cleaning the teeth, cleaning the tongue with turmeric can be beneficial. You sprinkle turmeric powder in a brush and scrub with light hands. After that rinse off with lukewarm water.

Dirt will be removed from curd
Eating curd rich in pro-biotics provides many health benefits. Tongue can be cleaned very well with curd. Curd easily removes the dirt of the tongue.

Baking soda is also beneficial
Mix a few drops of lemon in baking soda and scrub the tongue and rinse. It will clear the tongue.

Other tongue cleaning tips
Nowadays, there is also a scrubber behind the tooth brush, with the help of which the tongue can be cleaned.
Use a tongue cleaner to clean the tongue.
Mouth wash can be used once a week.

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With the help of some of these tips, the tongue can be kept clean. Because a clean tongue can keep the stomach away from diseases.

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