Daily routine can get spoiled in the festival.
Sweets and dishes can increase weight.
Taking a fiber rich diet keeps the stomach full for a long time.

How To Avoid Unhealthy Food: Festivals mean the gathering of friends, guests at home and eating lavishly. In the joy and work of festivals, everyone forgets the daily routine. No special care is taken about food and drink. Recently, the festival of Raksha Bandhan has come out and now big festivals like Dussehra-Diwali are about to come. All these festivals are such, in which a lot of sweets and dishes are eaten. In festivals, people’s lifestyle often gets completely spoiled, due to which they are not able to follow exercise and diet. Keeping health in mind, attention should be paid to calories in food. Let us know how one can be healthy by making changes in small things on the festival.

don’t skip meals
According to the healthline More calories are eaten in festivals, which include fried, sweet and high sodium food. In such a situation, less food can be eaten without skipping any meal. Skipping meals makes you feel more hungry, which can lead to higher calorie intake.

increase fiber intake
High fiber food can be consumed to avoid junk and fried food. Cucumbers, carrots, sprouts and green leafy vegetables are very good sources of fiber. By taking fiber rich food, the stomach will feel full for a long time.

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drink plenty of water
Drinking more water can be an effective way to curb carb and sweet cravings. Consuming more water reduces appetite and will result in less calorie intake. Drinking more water boosts metabolism, which can help in reducing weight.

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Getting enough sleep is important
Sleep can affect a person’s appetite and appetite levels. Lack of sleep leads to more hunger. People who do not get enough sleep tend to eat more food than others. There are many people in the house during the festival, so getting enough sleep becomes a bit difficult. Sleep can be completed whenever there is time. Getting good sleep also reduces appetite.

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