Eating disorder is a mental disorder.
There may be an increased appetite during an eating disorder.
Many times a person eats less food due to body shaming.

Cause Of Eating Disorder- Everyone has a way or a style of eating food. Some people like to eat more food and some eat less due to dieting. Some eat for the whole day and some survive by eating only one time. Many times the habit of such eating turns into a disease which is called eating disorder.

Eating disorder can be injurious to health. Most people are not aware of the eating disorder, due to which mental problems start developing. It is also known as Mental Eating Disorder. In eating disorder, symptoms like sleepiness, hair loss, tiredness, dizziness and vomiting can be seen. Let us know what is eating disorder and its causes.

What is Eating Disorder
Eating disorder is a psychological condition caused by unhealthy eating habits. according to the healthline Eating disorder starts due to overeating, eating less due to obesity and desire to get proper body shape. In many cases it can lead to serious health issues. Eating disorder can be a major cause of mental diseases.

During this, patients eat more food or give up food altogether. This problem is seen more in women. Many times the body fat of the patient becomes so low that he also has to face a dangerous disease like anorexia nervosa.

Major causes of eating disorder
– genetic history
– personality
– Perfection
– impulsive nature
– compare to others
– mental problem
– lack of sleep

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Types of Eating Disorders
– anorexia nervosa
– bulimia nervosa
– Binge Eating Disorder
– pica
– rumination disorder
– Avoidant food intake disorder
– night eating syndrome

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Symptoms of Eating Disorder
– weight loss
– shy of eating in front of others
– constipation
– excessive hunger
– do not eat
– no periods

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