Health Tips: During the change in the weather, people need to be very careful about health. At this time, cleanliness should be taken care of to avoid diseases. Not only this, you can stay healthy and fit by consuming better food and fruits. One should also be careful about the skin in this season. Today we will tell you how you can keep yourself fit and healthy by eating a good amount of seasonal and fresh fruits this season.

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What do experts say?
Physician Dr. Varun Chaudhary (MD, Medicine) According to this, to stay healthy, it is necessary to take special care of food and water. In this season one should always drink clean water and should also follow cleanliness in food. According to him, because of the dirt, you can become a victim of hepatitis A, hepatitis E, diarrhea and typhoid problems. Apart from this, frequent getting wet can also cause problems like cold and cold. Therefore, in this season, there should be a lot of focus on health.

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Eating fruits strengthens the immune system
Dr. Varun Chowdhary says that water gets contaminated in many places in the rain and drinking it can cause stomach problems. To avoid this, you should always drink clean and filtered water. Apart from this, foods rich in fiber, vitamins and other nutrients should be included in the diet. According to experts, eating seasonal fruits in this season can strengthen the body’s immune system. All these fruits contain sufficient amount of nutrients. Dehydration can be avoided by eating cucumber.

Take care of skin like this
To keep the skin healthy and glowing during the summer and rainy season, you should drink at least 3 liters of water every day. Eat fruits rich in vitamin E and drink juice. If you are suffering from diabetes or any other disease, then you should definitely consult an expert before doing this. Moisturizer should be used to prevent the skin from getting dry.

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