If there is a problem of high cholesterol, take special care of food and drink.
High fat foods can increase the bad cholesterol level in the body.
Use low fat products to get the nutritious elements of dairy.

Dairy Products in High Cholesterol : Can consuming dairy products have a bad effect on your health? Can this increase the amount of bad cholesterol in the body? And if you want to get rid of bad cholesterol, then you have to stop consuming dairy products completely? So according to experts, it is not necessary at all. In general, if you are using dairy products, then it will not have a bad effect on your cholesterol. But, excess of anything is bad and the same is true with dairy products. If you use these products excessively, then instead of benefiting you, they can prove to be harmful for you. And can have a bad effect on your body. Let us know, can dairy products cause bad cholesterol in the body.

Can consumption of dairy products increase bad cholesterol?
For this we have to first understand what is cholesterol? Generally we must have heard that cholesterol is bad but it is not so at all. There are two types of cholesterol.
According to healthline.com Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). HDL cholesterol is considered the “good” cholesterol. Whereas LDL is considered bad cholesterol. When the amount of LDL increases in the blood, it damages our arteries.

Now let’s talk about dairy products, do they increase the amount of bad cholesterol? Although dairy products strengthen our body, but in the case of cholesterol, you need to know some things. Dairy products which are high in fat are harmful for you. They increase your LDL cholesterol level, due to which it can have a bad effect on your health. If you want to use dairy products regularly, then you should use low fat products. Low fat dairy products are good for your health and do not have any bad effect on the body nor increase the amount of bad cholesterol.

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