The level of pollution emanating from homes was 6 times higher than the WHO standard 2.5 particulate matter.
60 percent of women complained of headache

Headaches itchy skin: Headache, itchy skin and runny nose are not just symptoms of cold, they can also be due to the dirt inside your house and the pollution released from it. Research conducted among women and children in Lucknow has shown that indoor pollution is causing more than 10 diseases among women and children. These include cough, wheezing, dry throat, shortness of breath, itchy eyes and many other diseases. The study was led by Alfred Lawrence of the Faculty of Chemistry at Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow University. In this research was done to assess the health risk among women and children due to indoor air pollution.

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62% of children complain of runny nose
The results of the research were presented at the International Conference of the University College of Stockholm. The study claimed that 60 percent of women complained of headache due to indoor pollution while 62 percent of children complained of runny nose. In this study, 560 women were included of which 434 women lived in posh areas While 107 women lived in the industrial area of ​​the city. Apart from this, 19 women lived in other parts of the city. In the study, the dirt inside the homes of these women was investigated and the pollution emanating from it was assessed. A two meter radius around the houses where these women lived was tested and indoor pollution was measured.

Indoor pollution 6 times more than WHO standard
The results of the study were shocking. The study found that the level of pollution emanating from the homes of these women was 6 times higher than the World Health Organization (WHO) standard 2.5 particulate matter. Research scholar Samridhi Dwivedi said that the study also found that 51.1 percent of women were unaware of indoor pollution. They don’t even know that there is pollution inside their house too. The study found that 61 percent of the women complained of headache while 21 percent of the women also had problems related to the lungs. In this study, the health of 408 children was monitored, out of which 62 percent children got complaints of runny nose.

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