Mostly this condition occurs in people with type 1 diabetes, but others can also be affected.
Diabetic ketoacidosis can occur if blood sugar is too high and insulin is too low.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Causes: Due to the deterioration of the functioning of insulin in the body, people have the problem of diabetes. It is an essential hormone, which controls our blood sugar. In people with type 1 diabetes, the body stops producing insulin or produces it in very small amounts. Whereas in type 2 diabetes, due to insulin resistance, this hormone is not able to work properly. The deficiency of insulin leads to the disease of diabetes. Sometimes due to negligence in treatment or not taking medicines, insulin in the body becomes very low. People can also die in such a condition. Learn what it is and how to prevent it.

What is diabetic ketoacidosis?
of America Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is an emergency condition of diabetes, which, if ignored, can lead to death. In this condition, the amount of insulin in the body of a diabetic patient becomes very low and the cells do not get the blood sugar required for energy. In such a situation, the liver of a person produces acids called ketones. Due to the formation of too much acid in a short time, the situation becomes very serious and the patient loses his life if he does not get treatment soon. Usually this condition occurs in people with type 1 diabetes, but sometimes people with type 2 diabetes also become victims of it.

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How to identify ketoacidosis

  • being very thirsty
  • frequent urination
  • shortness of breath
  • dry skin and mouth
  • severe headache
  • muscle stiffness or pain
  • extreme tiredness and abdominal pain
  • nausea and vomiting

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Major cause of diabetic ketoacidosis
High blood sugar and very low insulin levels can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis. When diabetic patients become ill and cannot eat anything, the risk of ketoacidosis increases in such a condition. Not taking insulin shots or wrong dosage of insulin can also cause this problem. Apart from this, it can also happen due to heart attack, physical injury, use of alcohol or drugs and corticosteroids. Therefore, it is better to consult your doctor from time to time.

can protect like this

  • Keep checking your blood sugar from time to time. Especially if you are sick, do not forget to get a sugar test done at all.
  • Keep your blood sugar level in your target range as much as possible. Take the medicines prescribed by the doctor on time. Do not skip medicine.
  • Talk to your doctor about the diet you take and how active you are and try to maintain insulin.
  • Do not be careless in your treatment and in case of any problem, contact the doctor immediately.
  • Take insulin shots in the right amount. Taking the wrong dosage can cause problems.

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