Rub both the palms and compress the closed eyes with its heat.
Apply almond oil around your eyes and massage.

Under eye dark circles yoga: Like other parts of the body, our eyes also get tired due to overwork. Due to prolonged reading, working on the screen, continuous driving, etc., the eyes feel extra stress and in such a situation, they need special care. In the absence of care, redness of the eyes, frequent watering and even under-eye dark circles can increase rapidly. If you do not get enough sleep every night, then this problem can be dangerous and your eyes become tired and dark circles appear on the surrounding skin. Yoga and Ayurveda can help in curing this problem of your eyes. Yoga teacher Smriti Vashisht On Instagram, he has given some simple Ayurvedic remedies, with the help of which dark circles under the eyes can be easily removed.

first way
Rub both your palms with each other and compress the closed eyes with its heat. By doing this, the energy of the palm improves the blood circulation around the eyes and gradually the dark circles start getting lighter.

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second way
Whenever working on the screen, remember this rule that after 20 minutes of screen time, take a break of 1 minute and look far. But keep in mind that do not keep your eyes on the screen. This rule can be life changing for you.

third way
Take almond oil in the palm and massage it by applying it around the eyes with fingers. Almond oil removes puffiness and reduces inflammation. Vitamin E, Vitamin K are found in it, which makes the skin delicately smooth. Due to which the dark circles start going away slowly.

fourth way
Look far and blink your eyes continuously. By doing this exercise, the oxygen level around the eyes is good and the problem of dark circles starts decreasing.

fifth way
To relax the eyes, it is necessary that you get enough sleep. For this, get up on time and go to sleep on time.

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