Dance can be done as an exercise for heart health.
People suffering from heart disease should avoid dancing too fast.

Dance And Heart Health: A video is going viral on social media, in which a man was dancing in fun and suddenly he got a heart attack. After this video surfaced, discussions have started whether dancing can also cause heart attack. Dancing is generally considered good for health and everyone dances when they get a chance. Now the question arises that is there really any connection between dance and heart attack? All the questions related to this will be answered in New Delhi. Dr. Vanita Arora, Cardiologist at Apollo Hospital get to know from.

What is the opinion of the cardiologist?
Dr. Vanita Arora says that dancing is considered good for health. If you do not dance regularly and suddenly dance very fast, then it can cause problems for you. While dancing, your heart rate increases and this creates a situation of pressure on the heart. If you are suffering from obesity or hypertension, then suddenly doing high intensity dance increases the risk of heart attack and cardiac arrest. Apart from this, people who smoke are also more prone to this type of risk during dance.

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Heart Health and the Connection of Dance
According to experts, dance can be done as an exercise for heart health. It should be started slowly and then the stamina will increase. Any kind of exercise should not be done too much suddenly. Dancing or exercising releases endorphins in our body, which helps to keep us happy and healthy. Dancing is beneficial for healthy people. If you are suffering from any serious illness, then dance or exercise should be done only after the advice of the doctor.

Dancing is dangerous for such people
According to Dr. Vanita Arora, people suffering from heart disease should know important things before dancing. Patients whose arteries are blocked, they should not dance and exercise. Doing so for them can cause a heart attack. Even extreme stress can be fatal. Such people should do any kind of physical activity only after consulting a cardiologist. Apart from this, people who have had a hard attack before, they should do slow dance. Dancing for a long time can be harmful. Not only dance, power yoga, aerobics should also be avoided.

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