For better health, at least 120 minutes should be spent every week by going out.
Outdoor activities for 30 minutes do not cause high blood pressure.

Nature and Well-being Connection: Most of the people, disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the city, like to go to the lap of nature to spend moments of peace and relaxation. Some people are fond of spending time on the mountains, while some people are attracted by the sandy shores of the sea. There is a lot of peace in such a place and you can spend time with nature. Recent research from the University of Tokyo has found that spending time with nature improves people’s physical and mental health. It gives relief from diseases. Nature is very beneficial for us. Let us know about the health benefits of this.

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Relief from these troubles
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So far, it has been revealed in many studies that nature and the surrounding environment have a positive effect on mental and physical health. Living in a natural environment reduces heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. Apart from this, there is a great deal of relief in stress, anxiety and depression. Self esteem and self confidence increases. Human relations develop through nature. Creativity gets boosted and you feel satisfied. All these changes are necessary to move forward in life. Life becomes better when you stay away from diseases.

spend so much time with nature
Everyone needs to understand that you can spend time with nature even sitting in a park, garden or open field, with a busy schedule it is not possible to spend hours to indulge in outdoor activities. Especially for those people who live in urban areas. A 2019 study found that one should spend at least 120 minutes going outside every week. For about 20 to 30 minutes of outdoor activities every day, blood pressure can be reduced by about 10%. If you are not able to get even that much time, then definitely take out 10-15 minutes for yourself. Taking care of mental health is very important.

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