Being near a cigarette smoker is the biggest reason for passive smoking.
To protect loved ones from passive smoking, one should not smoke cigarettes inside the house.
Passive smoking has the highest risk of heart and lung damage.

Passive Smoking Health Effects: When a person smokes a cigarette, the amount of smoke that goes into his breath, more than that fails in the external surrounds. Coming in its contact is called passive smoking. Passive smoking is not intentional, but there is a risk of diseases equal to smoking. Some of the cigarette smoke reaches the lungs of the cigarette smoker, the rest spreads through the person’s mouth and spreads to the surrounding environment. This smoke is called second hand smoking or passive smoking. This smoke contains more than 4000 irritants, toxins and cancer-causing chemicals. This smoke goes into the breath of his friends and family living near the person and knowingly or unknowingly they also suffer the same harm as smoking addiction.

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How does passive smoking cause harm?
According to NHS.UK Passive smoking also harms health as much as normal smoking. In this, the person is also at risk of lung cancer and heart related problems like heart attack and stroke. Its bad effect is seen on the person of every age. Especially the elderly, children and pregnant women are most affected. Children’s lungs and immune system become weak. In such a situation, secondhand smoking increases the risk of asthma, cough, cold, pneumonia, bronchitis and various types of brain and ear infections in children. Along with the lungs, it also damages the eyes and teeth. In pregnant women, passive smoking can lead to the child’s low birth weight and death.

How to avoid passive smoking
Anyone smoking around can cause this problem. In such a situation, quitting smoking is the best way for the health of yourself and your close ones. If this is not possible, then at least try not to smoke inside your office, home or car. Even opening doors and windows does not reduce the risk of passive smoking. Smoking can save not only yourself but your close ones from passive smoking.

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