Cholesterol level can be reduced with a healthy diet.
Fresh fruits are also effective in reducing cholesterol.

Food For Reduced Cholesterol Level: Garlic is used not only to enhance the taste of food but also to get rid of many health problems. Garlic is rich in sulfur, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidants, which help in controlling heart disease, cholesterol and diabetes. Garlic contains a compound called allicin, which lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. Apart from garlic, there are many such super foods in the kitchen, which can help in reducing cholesterol levels. Mushrooms and onions can also play an important role in reducing cholesterol. Let us know what things and home remedies can be adopted to reduce cholesterol.

Olive oil and garlic
Garlic is rich in compounds called manganese and allicin, which can help reduce cholesterol. according to the healthline Garlic is full of medicinal properties. It can be consumed with food or as a masala. To reduce cholesterol, garlic can be boiled with olive oil or used as a dressing in salads. Garlic has the ability to reduce total cholesterol by up to 30 milligrams per deciliter.

regular consumption of mushrooms
Mushrooms are the main source of Vitamin-D. It contains many such compounds that can help in controlling cholesterol and diabetes. Mushrooms contain calcium, potassium, fiber and vitamin C, which work to remove anemia and increase immunity. Eating mushrooms mixed with a little butter gives more benefits.

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black pepper is beneficial
The heat emanating from black pepper can work to improve blood pumping. In addition to reducing cholesterol, black pepper can reduce the risk of arteries, obesity, high blood pressure and stroke. Black pepper can be consumed as a dressing in soups, salads or drinks.

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Eat fresh fruits
Not only vegetables but fresh fruits can also be helpful in reducing cholesterol. Vitamins and many types of polyphenols are obtained from fruits, which help in controlling heart problems and diabetes. Fruits are plant-based, which bring more benefits to the body. Apples, mangoes, plums, grapes and jamuns can be consumed to reduce cholesterol.

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