Regular yoga and exercise are beneficial in high cholesterol.
Avoid eating junk and fatty foods.
Avoid taking too much stress and go for a walk everyday.

High Blood Cholesterol : Due to obesity, many new problems and diseases can increase in the body, one of which is the problem of high cholesterol. Most of the people are suffering from this nowadays. Cholesterol is a viscous liquid found in the blood, which is very important for the body, but in reasonable amounts. Due to increased cholesterol, it can also cause chest pain, heart stroke and heart attack. There is no specific symptom of high cholesterol. The cholesterol level in the body can be detected only by a blood test. The reason for increasing cholesterol is mostly unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle, but this problem can also be genetic. Diseases like diabetes, high BP and HIV can also increase cholesterol in the body at times. Fatty deposits present in blood vessels ie obesity can often be the cause of high cholesterol. Let’s take a look at the risk factors of cholesterol.

risk factors for high cholesterol

unhealthy diet
According to MayoClinic.orgConsumption of more saturated and trans fats increases LDL ie bad cholesterol in the body, which causes high cholesterol by collecting on the artery walls in the body.

A person’s body mass index (BMI) exceeding 30 is a sign of obesity. This obesity becomes the main reason for high cholesterol.

cigarettes and alcohol
Excess cigarettes, alcohol reduce HDL ie good cholesterol in the body and can increase bad cholesterol, due to which there is a bad effect on health.

unhealthy lifestyle
Nowadays most of the work is done on a computer or laptop, in such a situation, the cholesterol level increases even by not doing exercise and yoga or sitting all day.

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Follow these steps to prevent high cholesterol these measures
Make fruits, vegetables and pulses a part of your diet.
Stay away from things like cigarettes, alcohol.
– Reduce the intake of junk food and fatty food.
Incorporate regular exercise and yoga into your lifestyle.
Avoid taking too much stress or tension.
Reduce obesity and walk by making healthy weight.
Focus on physical activities like jogging and walking.

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