The risk of infection with the monkeypox virus present on the surface is not high.
The virus spreads on household items and surfaces when an infected person touches it.

Monkeypox Virus On Household Surfaces: By now you must have heard many things about monkeypox. As we all know monkeypox is a viral disease, which can spread rapidly from infected person to other people. To avoid this, people should follow the rules like Corona. An investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has created panic amid increasing cases of monkeypox worldwide. It has been revealed that the monkeypox virus can also survive on the surfaces of the house like the corona. Due to this, there have also been cases of some people getting infected. Telling you some important things related to this virus.

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Monkeypox virus survives on surfaces
CDC’s report
According to the report, after some cases of monkeypox were reported in America, the surfaces of the patients’ homes were examined, it was found that the monkeypox virus was present on 70 percent of the surfaces. The surprising thing was that the virus was detected on all the things that the infected people touched. This virus was also found in places where patients had rested or spent time. On this basis, it can be said that this virus reaches the surfaces and things coming in contact with patients infected with monkeypox. Therefore there is a need to be careful.

The risk of surface contamination is not high
It is a matter of relief that the monkeypox virus found on the surface does not spread as fast as Kovid-19 and it reduces the risk of infection. However, it would be wrong to say that the person will not get infected if he comes in contact with it. Everyone needs to be careful. Experts have already said about monkeypox that the risk of death from this disease is very low, but it can prove to be dangerous in many cases. Monkeypox infection can be painful. The biggest thing is that monkeypox spreads rapidly when it comes in contact with each other’s skin. Healthy people also need to follow the rule of social distancing.

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