New Delhi. In India, which has been battling the corona epidemic for the last two years, now cases of monkeypox along with corona are also becoming a cause of concern. So far 9 patients of monkeypox have been reported in the country, which have been found in Kerala and Delhi. At the same time, one patient has also died. Like corona, due to being a viral infection, the central government is constantly giving advice to prevent it, while health experts are constantly asking to adopt the preventive methods adopted during Kovid as well as advising to keep distance. . Due to the contagious disease of monkeypox, a big question is also whether post monkeypox effects can also emerge like Long Kovid?

In this regard, Dr. MC Mishra, former director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, says that the corona had spread all over the world like an epidemic. After many months of infecting people, their recovery, the long covid or post covid effects of covid were seen suddenly. Apart from physical, mental problems, syndromes or disorders were also revealed in these. At the same time, now monkeypox is also an infectious disease, although it cannot be compared with corona. It is a disease of the smallpox and chickenpox family and is a zoonotic viral infection.

Dr. Mishra says that what is the effect of monkeypox post monkeypox or long monkeypox, it will clearly come to the fore only when this disease passes for some time but still some things like smallpox come to the fore. can. For example, during the infection of monkeypox, there are pus filled blisters or pimples on the skin of the body. When they are about to heal, they may feel like itching, in that case if they break, then even after recovering from this disease, its marks or stains can remain on the body. This was also seen during smallpox or smallpox.

Dr. Mishra explains that the WHO has informed about the complications of monkeypox that secondary infection of monkeypox can lead to bronchopneumonia, sepsis, encephalitis and infection of the cornea along with eyesight. As seen during smallpox, pimples come out on the face and also come out around the eyes. Due to infection close to the eyes, the cornea of ​​the eye can be affected and there is damage to the eyesight. Dr. Mishra says that this disease is cured in two to four weeks, but in many patients the infection can also become serious. Due to this problems may increase.

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