It is very important to avoid triggers in asthma.
Asthma patients should always carry an inhaler with them.

Exercise In Asthma: Exercise not only strengthens the body from outside but also from inside. Along with outer health, daily exercise is also important for inner health. It is believed that exercising during asthma can be dangerous. However, if precautions are taken during this time, exercise can also control asthma. Where on the one hand, during asthma, a person has to face problems like difficulty in breathing, frequent inhaler use and increased heart beat. At the same time, the side effects of asthma can be reduced by exercising regularly. Know what precautions can be taken to stay fit while exercising during asthma.

Always carry an inhaler
Asthma patients should carry an inhaler with them at all times. According to Very Well Health Asthma patients should always carry an inhaler while exercising. With the help of an inhaler, the symptoms of asthma that develop suddenly can be controlled.

monitor asthma
Exercise should be avoided at the time when asthma is more aggravated. Always monitor asthma before exercise. It is possible to start with light exercise only when asthma is normal.

Follow the asthma action plan
To exercise during asthma, first follow the asthma action plan. How much exercise and which exercise should be done, all the details should be included through the asthma action plan. Also, by doing which exercise causes an asthma attack, then include it in the red zone and do not repeat it.

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avoid triggers
Any kind of discomfort while exercising with asthma can trigger asthma. Like someday there is more moisture in the air, then it would be better to exercise at home instead of outside. Doing so will not trigger asthma. Along with this, it is necessary to take small precautions like wearing a mask, using an inhaler or just walking.

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Do these exercises during asthma

  • walk
  • Total
  • swimming
  • Dance

Do not do this exercise during asthma

  • running
  • aerobics
  • zumba
  • weight lifting

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