Wearing wet clothes for a long time can cause fungal infection.
Take precautions to protect yourself from infection during this season.

Health Tips: Everyone likes to take a bath in the rain. Some people like to come from office to home getting wet, but doing so can prove to be very dangerous for health. The rainy season also brings with it some problems, to avoid which you need to be careful. In this season, from eating and drinking to cleanliness, one has to take care of cleanliness. If you follow some tips of health experts, then you can enjoy this season fiercely.

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These problems can happen in rain

Dermatologist Dr. Sandeep Babbar It is said that the humidity increases during the rainy season. Also, the humidity level in the environment increases and people sweat more. Due to this, there may be a problem of fungal infection, ringworm, prickly heat and allergies. If you get drenched in rain, the skin becomes dirty due to water and dusty soil. Skin problems can occur even if wet clothes are worn for a long time after getting wet. The problem of acne can increase due to dust and pollution on the face. Apart from this, hairfall also starts increasing.

How to avoid troubles
1. After getting wet in the rain, one should take a bath with clean water as soon as possible and wipe the body thoroughly and apply moisturizer. This will lock the moisture of the body and the skin will remain healthy.
2. Before bathing in the rainy season, apply oil on your body, it will not dry your skin. Apart from this, wear clothes only after drying the body thoroughly. This will not cause any problem.
3. To get rid of the problem of acne, you have to keep the face clean every day and wash it with face wash two or three times a day. You can apply any cream on the face as recommended by the doctor.
4. You can use antifungal cream or antifungal dusting powder to avoid fungal infection. Also, to avoid hair fall, you have to massage your hair with coconut oil twice a week.

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