Kohli prepares with ‘High Altitude Mask’
India’s next match against Pakistan
Both the teams will clash at Dubai International Stadium

New Delhi. A new style of Virat Kohli, who came to the field after the break, is being seen. In his first match of the Asia Cup 2022, where he played a belligerent innings of 35 runs in delicate conditions against Pakistan. At the same time, he scored an unbeaten 59 against Hong Kong, showing his old style. During this, one four and three excellent sixes came from his bat.

The next match of the Indian team is now once again with Pakistan. The clash between the two teams is scheduled to take place on September 4 at the Dubai International Stadium in Dubai. Both the teams have started working hard for the upcoming matches. Kohli is also working hard for the clash with Pakistan. However, the former Indian captain has been seen preparing for the upcoming encounter in a special way.

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A video of a practice session of Kohli has surfaced before the Indo-Pak clash. In this video, he is seen running with ‘High Altitude Mask’. This mask helps in expanding and improving lung capacity. Not only this, it also increases stamina.

Let us tell you that this type of mask is generally used by mountaineers. Virat wore this mask when he was circling the field. However, after completing the race, he removed this mask. Meanwhile, in the field, Kohli was seen guiding the team’s physical trainer Soham Desai.

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