Robin Uthappa was one of the batsmen ahead of his era. When batsmen in India used to play traditional shots, Uthappa used to play shots while dancing in a bold and fearless style. Despite not getting a chance in Team India for the last few years, Uthappa made a splash in the IPL for Kolkata Knight Riders and sometimes Chennai Super Kings. In such a situation, we thought why not talk to him on the issue of changes in T20 cricket and batting. I had a special conversation with him recently. Here are the highlights of that meeting-

Question- Do you see any change in Rohit Sharma in the last 10-12 years? You played with him in the 2007 World Cup. Such a long time has passed and he has achieved so much success.

answer- No not at all, Rohit is exactly the same off the field. Quite cool. Nothing’s changed. The way he plays or his attitude with his friends.

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Question- How do you see Team India coach Rahul Dravid as a coach? You have spent a lot of time with him in Bangalore since childhood. Do you think there will be pressure on him to win the trophy in the Asia Cup now?

answer- Rahul bhai is a very process oriented person. The pressure is on every person, but the more we focus on the process, the less the pressure is on the person, so according to me, Rahul bhai will be in the same process and will not take that much pressure, according to me.

Question- When you look at this current team, especially this T20 team of Team India and compare it with the team of 2007, what is the difference in the style of play again?

answer- The style has changed a lot, the game has progressed a lot… especially since 2015, the game has changed very quickly and a lot… Now every player can bat 360 degrees like AB de Villiers, as we saw Sky can do it, Deepak Hooda, Sanju Samson… Now that Rohit has also started playing the back shots, the game has changed a lot and this game has become a lot of fun for the viewers.

Question- If Robin Uthappa has to choose only two opener batsmen in this T20 tournament, then who are those two batsmen?

answer- KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma have no doubts. If it comes to fitness, then Rishabh Pant can also open… If the options are too many then everyone can open. It is not that specialists are needed and there is so much competition in our country that everyone is ready to play anywhere, so that is an extra value which is in the players of our country… and it is certain that there will be a lot more in the coming time. There are going to be all-rounders because now is the time for multi-skill players and going forward we will also get multi dimensional players… like a guy who can play with right hand and also with left hand he will also get to see because the game is very changing fast

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