India is almost out of the race for the final of the Asia Cup
If Team India has to win the World Cup then some improvements have to be made
Advantages of frequent changes in team combination are less, more disadvantages

New Delhi. Defending champion India’s dream of winning the Asia Cup this time is now fulfilled, it does not seem to be happening. After losing the Super-4 match against Pakistan, India also lost to Sri Lanka. With this, his hopes of reaching the final are almost over. After the T20 World Cup last year, Rohit Sharma became the captain, then Rahul Dravid became the coach of the Indian team. Since taking over the responsibility of these two, there is a continuous change in Indian cricket. Especially Team India, T20 cricket is playing in a different way, because the T20 World Cup is to be held in October-November this year and India wants to forget the failure of last year and perform well in the tournament this time. But, in the process of doing this, some such decisions were taken, which now seem to be weighing heavily on the team. At least it is visible in the Asia Cup.

Before the start of the Asia Cup, India was considered as a strong contender for the title. After this, the team of Pakistan was seen around the title. But, all the equations have changed only after the first 3 matches of the Super-4 round. The Asia Cup has almost slipped from the hands of defending champions India and now along with Pakistan, Sri Lanka has also emerged as the contenders for the title.

Rohit Sharma and coach Rahul Dravid may be talking about experimenting again and again. But, the two consecutive defeats of the Asia Cup against Pakistan and Sri Lanka are alarm bells for the Indian team. If you still do not manage and experiment more than necessary, then it will not take long for India to become like the last T20 world. If the Indian team wants to win the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia, then three things will have to be improved immediately. Let us understand them one by one.

T20 World Cup near top order not settled
Now only 40 days are left for the start of T20 World Cup. After the Asia Cup, India has to play home series against Australia and South Africa. Where India will play 3 T20s from Australia, there will be a series of ODIs apart from 3 T20s from South Africa. The last match of this series will end on October 11 and soon after that the Indian team will fly to Australia for the T20 World Cup. That is, leaving out the Asia Cup, the Indian team will play 6 T20s before the T20 World Cup. In such a situation, now the Indian team will have to avoid experimentation and settle their playing XI. In this also it is most important to decide the top order.

Virat-KL Rahul’s strike rate weak
The reason for India’s defeat in the last T20 World Cup was the top order. However, in the Asia Cup also India landed with the same top order. In all the matches, KL Rahul opened with Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli landed at number-3. But, in terms of performance, KL Rahul did not come true. Ever since he made a comeback, he has been struggling to score runs. He scored 70 runs in 4 matches at a strike rate of 104. It will not be considered good in terms of T20. That too, when the Indian attacking is playing with the idea of ​​cricket. Kohli has definitely been seen returning to the rhythm. But, his strike rate was also 122. Which will not be considered better in terms of top order batsman in T20.

Rohit is playing attacking cricket. Getting off to a good start too. But, they are not able to convert it into a big innings. That’s why the pressure is coming on the middle order. In such a situation, the Indian team will have to overcome the problem of the top order.

Suryakumar can be tried in the opening
In the last few months, many players have been tried in the opening as part of the experiment. Rishabh Pant, Suryakumar Yadav and Deepak Hooda opened the innings. Suryakumar has proved to be effective in this. In such a situation, if KL Rahul is struggling to score runs, then Suryakumar can be tested in the top order. He is the perfect batsman in this format. He can play shots at every corner of the field. His coming in the top order can reduce the pressure on Rohit Sharma and he can play the role of handling the innings.

However, the Indian team management does not have much time, if Suryakumar is to be tried in the opening, then he will have to give this responsibility again in all the 6 T20s against Australia and South Africa. So that he can mold himself in this role.

Who will be the wicketkeeper?
The T20 World Cup is on its head and it is yet to be decided who will be the wicketkeeper. This responsibility will be performed by Rishabh Pant or the team will go with experienced Dinesh Karthik. Experiments are being done with this too. Karthik is not just a wicketkeeper, but the team is looking at him as a match finisher. Ever since he made his comeback, he has played many important innings. But, he got to play 2 matches in the Asia Cup. He was not a part of the playing XI in the Super-4 match against Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Pant played in his place. But, he too could not do anything special with the bat.

India fed both Karthik and Pant in the match against Hong Kong. But, this thinking of the Indian team management was beyond comprehension, because Karthik did not bat in this match and he was running in the outfield instead of wicketkeeping.

It is not good for Karthik and Pant to make frequent changes. This also affects his performance and there is always a doubt about his place in the team. In such a situation, if captain Rohit Sharma and coach Dravid want to play the T20 World Cup, then they will have to show confidence in either of these two and then they will have to be given as many opportunities so that they can fit in their role.

Changes in team combinations have to be stopped
The Indian team had started preparing for the next edition of this tournament since last year’s T20 World Cup. For this reason, since the last World Cup, India has tried more than 25 players in the T20 format. This includes bowlers, batsmen, wicketkeepers and all-rounders. Since the last T20 World Cup, India has played 27 T20s so far and has tried more than 25 players in the Playing XI. This experiment can be good to say. This can give an opportunity to test the bench strength. But, when you are doing this to prepare for the T20 World Cup, then somewhere there is a mistake in the strategy.

Due to trying so many players and changing team combinations again and again, no player is getting settled. Barring a few batsmen, the rest don’t even know at which number they have to bat. His batting order is being changed time and again. Same is the case with bowlers.

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Incomprehensible to drop Bishnoi
If we take the example of Ravi Bishnoi, then he has been given a chance in the Super-4 match against Pakistan. He proved to be the most economical bowler. When bowlers like Yuzvendra Chahal, Hardik Pandya and Bhuvneshwar Kumar were getting beaten up, Bishnoi bowled tight. But, against Sri Lanka he has been dropped. That too only because there are more left-handed batsmen in the Sri Lankan team and R Ashwin can prove to be more effective against them. The interesting thing is that the left-handed batsmen did not get any time. Both the right-handed openers of Sri Lanka played 11 overs.

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Disadvantages of frequent changes in team combinations
At the same time, if we look at Sri Lanka and Pakistan, in the last few months, these teams have also given more than one and a half dozen players a chance in T20. But, both the teams did not change the playing XI and team combination repeatedly. This is the reason that both these teams have achieved good momentum before the T20 World Cup. Now there is a big challenge before India.

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