Bhuvneshwar Kumar took 4 wickets in the Asia Cup against Pakistan
He didn’t let Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami be missed.

New Delhi. In the T20 World Cup 10 months ago, Indian bowlers were craving for a wicket, but in the Asia Cup against Pakistan, all 10 batsmen were cleared. The big thing was that all the wickets of Pakistan were taken by the fast bowlers. This was the first time that the fast bowlers of Team India took all 10 wickets in a T20 match. Just before this in the T20 match against West Indies, all 10 wickets were taken by spin bowlers. That is, be it Indian fast bowlers or spinners, both are giving serious wounds to the opposition team. Never talk about spin bowlers again. Today we will talk about the performance of a bowler against Pakistan, that is Bhuvneshwar Kumar. He did that work, which even the pair of Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami could not do in the last match against Pakistan.

Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami played in the T20 World Cup match against Pakistan in October last year. But, Shami gave 43 runs in 3.5 overs and Bumrah gave 22 runs in 3 overs. But, both failed to take wickets. Pakistan defeated India by 10 wickets. But, the game changed within 10 months. Under the leadership of Bhuvneshwar Kumar, only the young fast bowlers of India killed Pakistan. Bhuvneshwar took 4 wickets in the match, Arshdeep Singh 2 and Avesh Khan took 1 wicket. The remaining three wickets went to Pandya’s bag.

Bhuvneshwar didn’t let Shami-Bumrah miss him
Before this match, there was talk everywhere that how India will compensate Bumrah and Mohammed Shami? There is no doubt that Bumrah and Shami are the most dangerous new ball pair in the history of Indian cricket. But, if India did not miss these two in the first match against Pakistan, then Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the biggest reason for it. He played the role of the main bowler of the team well.

Of all the fast bowlers who played in the match against Pakistan, there was no one whose pace was more sharp than Bumrah or who was more sharp than Shami. But, he was absolutely successful in implementing the plan with which he entered the match.

Babar was hunted with the only short ball in the first spell
After all, how did Bhuvneshwar do this wonder? Let’s try to understand this. In international cricket, Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s short ball is taken lightly by most of the batsmen, because his bouncer is not as dangerous as Bumrah or Shami. Batsmen also assume that Bhuvneshwar will at least throw short pitch balls with the new ball, because his biggest weapon is the swinging ball and this is how he gets wickets. But, against Pakistan, he made the short ball his weapon. Not that Bhuvneshwar used it much.

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Bhuvneshwar is a complete T20 bowler
In his first spell, he bowled only one ball short and got the wicket of Babar Azam on it. This shows that Bhuvneshwar is now a complete T20 bowler. He can throw the yorker, cutter, slow ball, knuckle ball and swing the ball in and out whenever he wants. Not only this, he also knows when and on which wicket to bowl by changing the seam position.

‘After Babar Azam’s dismissal, we did not think that half of the Pakistan team returned…’ Bhuvneshwar told his game plan

don’t use much variation
After a bowler has so much variation, there is a risk of getting confused. But, Bhubaneshwar does not use much variation. He has a deep understanding of the game. They know when and under what circumstances which ball or variation to use in the match? For this reason, for the last few months, he has been bowling amazingly in T20 cricket and has been winning matches for India single-handedly. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has taken 23 wickets in 17 T20s played this year. During this, he has achieved the feat of taking four wickets twice.

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