Abdur Rahman has a shameful record in the Asia Cup
Eight runs have been spent without bowling any ball.
This incident happened in Asia Cup 2014

New Delhi. Asia Cup 2022 has started. The first edition of this prestigious tournament was played in the year 1984. Then this tournament was played in ODI format. Although for some time now it is being played in T20 format. India is the most successful team in Asia Cup. India has captured the title seven times in this tournament. The second most successful team is Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has won the title five times. After this comes the number of Pakistan team. The Green team has achieved success twice in this prestigious tournament.

Many such records have been made in the Asia Cup since 1984, knowing which people are compelled to think. One such not wanted record is recorded in the name of former Pakistan medium pacer Abdur Rehman. In fact, in the eighth match of the 2014 Asia Cup, the Pakistan team’s clash was going on with Bangladesh. In this match, the Green team handed Rahman the 11th over. Pak fast bowler did something in this over, after which his name was recorded in the record book of Asia Cup.

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Abdur Rahman put the first ball of this over over the batsman’s head. Actually, during the bowling, the ball slipped from his hand and the ball went over the batsman’s head. On this ball the opposition team got one run as a no ball. The next ball he bowled a full toss which was much above the waist. The umpire also called it a no ball and the opposition team also got a single off this ball.

It is often seen in the cricket field that if the bowler throws two balls continuously more than the height of the waist, then it is removed. Although the umpire took some leniency against Rahman, he failed here as well. The Pak fast bowler also put the third ball above the waist, the umpire once again called it a no ball. Not only this, he also had to eat a four on the third ball. Because of which he had to concede five runs.

Disturbed by Abdur Rahman’s persistent bad ball, the umpire eventually had to remove him. He bowled three balls in this over, all three of which were no balls. During this, the opposition team got a total of eight runs. In this way Rahman became the bowler to concede eight runs in the Asia Cup without bowling any ball.

Abdur Rahman’s bowling equation:

First ball No ball: One run
Second ball No ball: One run + Batsmen run for one run = Two runs
Third ball No ball: One run + Four = Five runs

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